Grieving Dads: A Workbook



When I wrote Grieving Dads: To the Brink and Back, I had no idea how many people it would impact. Not only has it become a powerful resource for the men who thought they were alone in their pain, it has also proven to be a resource for the people in these men’s lives and the professionals that care for them.I continue to learn about my journey and the impacts that it has had on my life. One of the biggest lessons is we must all get comfortable with telling our story. Get comfortable being uncomfortable. That means facing the things that we tucked away in those dark corners of our being. Things we witnessed, emotions we felt or thoughts we have had.Knowing my own needs and hearing from others has inspired me to create additional resources for grieving dads that have to navigate through the aftermath of burying a child. One of those resources is this workbook.Some of you will feel uncomfortable attending a support group, I was. Therefore, the workbook was developed so it can be used on an individual basis or in a support group setting. The workbook follows the same outline and was designed to be a tool that helps the reader process key points highlighted in the original book.Once you start the workbook, I encourage you to stick with it until the end. The process will be tough at times, so know that going in. You will have to dig deep, learn to be transparent and surrender. Tell your story, your whole story.I am very happy that you found this workbook and are willing to give it a try. There is no judgement in what you have to say. Anyone that has had to walk this path understands that to be the truth. We are all just trying to get through it the best we can. My hope is that this workbook will help you get to the next level of healing.