After the Diagnosis…: A Guide for Living



Regardless of our age or status, any one of us could be faced with a diagnosis – it might be a curable sickness or a chronic disease, a serious condition or a terminal illness. In the 21st century, dying is, more often than not, an elongated process that may stretch out for many years. And since all of us will, eventually, die, the question is, how do we live well while dying? How can we avoid being bullied by the obsessive inner voices of anxiety and fear that leave us self-absorbed and disconnected from the very life we hope to save?

In this book, we’ll share a rare slice of heaven that can be grasped on this side of the grave, at any point along the path of living and dying. A place beyond acceptance. A place of transformation in which we can realize, in the fullest, purest way, what our life’s purpose has been, and what an amazing gift we can entrust to those we’ll leave behind. We can learn to embrace mystery, to understand that our suffering can be transformative. Our legacy can become one of love – pure, powerful, and eternal.

It’s never too early to embark on this work of living and loving that begins and ends with God. Healing work that deepens faith and enriches relationships, inspires open, honest, and loving conversations, and frees us from the burdens of our ego selves. As inspirational as it is practical, this book is intended for patients and caregivers, friends and family – anyone struggling to live life wholly and joyfully during the challenges of sickness, dying, and death.