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You only get one chance at a good end of life.

Every step you take now to communicate and document your wishes will make a difference to your family when bad things happen. 


Your will is just the beginning.  More complete legal protection includes health care proxies, livings wills, trusts and more. Families and businesses are more complex than ever- so is protecting them. 


Life insurance is a great start, but more may be needed. If your wish is to stay at home during an illness, do you have the means to pay for your care? Are your assets protected from creditors?


Memorial planning is more than just choosing burial, cremation or other. It’s also about taking practical steps to ensure that when bad things happen, your family is aware of your wishes and how to implement and pay for them. 

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My E-Books & Courses

Are you ready to just forge ahead? Find courses and ebooks to help you develop a comprehensive end of life plan, and learn how to communicate it to your family. 

My Story

I grew up in the family funeral home, and had a brief first career as an award-winning journalist. In 2005, I became the third generation and one of a dozen members of my immediate and extended family to become a licensed funeral director.

It was a calling, and I loved doing it. However, I became frustrated seeing families making the same mistakes over and over again. These mistakes were often the root of great suffering, disagreements and fallings-out among surviving family members. 

Many of these mistakes were preventable with just a little bit of planning, but by the time the families got to me it was too late. 

I’ve made it my mission in life to help people become more comfortable talking about death and end of life, so they can confidently get their affairs in order. I believe that a better, more peaceful end of life is possible when the proper steps are taken in advance.


Michelle Carter- The Death Expert

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