The Good Mourning: A Kid’s Support Guide for Grief and Mourning Death



The Good Mourning is a kid’s support guide for grief and mourning death. The book helps other boys and girls deal with the loss of a parent, grandparent, other close relative, or friend. The Good Mourning is an easily read book that helps children process, from a peer’s perspective, the broad range of emotions, thoughts, and pain experienced after the loss of a loved one. In a warm and conversational manner, the young author, whose mother died just before his 5th birthday, is supportive, uplifting, informative and transparent. This book was written by a kid who experienced loss and grief; for kid’s who are experiencing loss and grief. The Good Mourning is a conversation among peers that adults are welcomed into, as it is also for invaluable to any adult who raises, cares for, or loves a child in grief and mourning. It is age-appropriate, understandable, relatable, and applicable. More importantly, it equips its readers with tools to help them take control of how they mourn. This book helps children grieving the death of a parent, grandparent, or other loved one, understand more, process better, become stronger, and Get to Their Good Mourning!