The Final Chapter: An End of Life Organizational Planning Tool



The Final Chapter is an end of life organizational planning tool. The reader is prompted to safely record valuable information their loved ones will need upon his or her passing. Having everything documented in one place relieves emotional stress, heartache, and chaos for those who are grieving. Now, more than ever, our digital world necessitates a structured depository for passwords, accounts, insurance details and other crucial information, as much of it is saved online and cannot be accessed by anyone after death.This book provides peace of mind, financial security, guidance, direction, and knowledge for the survivors’ coming days and will be a major part of your legacy. As loved ones begin their journey down an untraveled path, and they begin to realize the time, work, effort, and preparation you, the reader, put forth for their survival without you, they will begin to grasp just how deep your love and protection will always be for them.What sets this book apart from others on the market is our invaluable CHECK LIST of items and a TIME LINE of what to do when your loved one passes away. These are both incredibly helpful since some items are time sensitive.