Simple Human Compassion: The End of Life Craves Touch Not Technology



Have you ever wondered what specifically takes place if you, or someone you love, were to experience hospice care? Honestly, during an unthinkable crisis, wouldn’t it be a relief if your wants and your fears were among the top priorities being addressed? And wouldn’t you like to know that the attention includes both you and your loved ones? Imagine how comforting it would be to have the same nurse, nurse aide, social worker and others give you care for the entire time you or your loved one is on service. And after the crisis is over and all the sympathy calls have subsided, think about the reassuring comfort received from someone who stays in contact with you for over a year after the crisis is over. Author Rick Schneider reveals through his own eye-opening experiences and observations that when time appears to be limited, hospice care gives you the assistance to do what is most important to you. Simple Human Compassion will illustrate as nothing else can how touch, not technology, is what is needed at the end of life.