Funeral Planning Basics – A Step-By-Step Guide to Funeral Planning



An Excellent Funeral Planning Book that Effortlessly Helps You Plan a Funeral

With this funeral book, you can ensure that your loved ones are not confronted with the unnecessary burden of having to plan your funeral program at a time which is already very traumatic for them. By having a clear funeral plan setting out your final wishes, you can have every detail of your funeral program arranged in advance or, at the least, have a clear funeral plan that your loved ones can follow when the time comes. You can also use this book to plan a funeral for a friend or a loved one.

This comprehensive funeral planning book will take you step-by-step through the process of planning a funeral program. It will introduce you to issues such as organ donations, purchasing funeral caskets, cremation, burial, purchasing grave plots, organization of funeral services, funeral flowers, urns, gifts, the legal and financial issues relating to funerals, the cost of pre-arranging a funeral program, how to save money on funeral programs, how to finance funerals and much more.

Once you have gained an understanding of the various elements involved in planning a funeral, you will be ready to complete the accompanying step-by-step funeral planning worksheets that accompanies this funeral book. These worksheets will help you plan your own funeral or, indeed, plan a funeral for a friend or loved one. It is also a good death planning kit.

✔ Let your loved ones know what kind of funeral program you would like.

✔ Pre-pay and arrange funeral programs in advance.

✔ Remove a huge emotional and financial burden from your family.

✔ Includes funeral planning workbook and a template funeral plan.

✔ Save money.

This funeral planner book and funeral planner organizer will help you step-by-step through the process of planning a funeral. It is also a very useful death planning kit.