What is a Wake?

What is a wake?

Hi, I’m Michelle Carter, your End of Life Coach. And I’m here to answer your most frequently asked questions. What is a wake, or visitation or calling hours? All of these phrases mean the same thing. It’s the act of gathering together family and friends to help support the family members of someone who has just passed away. Quite frequently. Visitation, a wake, calling hours will occur at a funeral home or some other, hall or place that is capable of, of handling a large volume of people. Visitations tend to be just a few hours in duration and the body may or may not be present depending on the family’s wishes. The presence of the body does not change the fact that the goal for being there is to share your grief with others and to share your comfort and your sympathy with the family.

When are you expected to attend a wake? Well, if you knew the person who passed away very well, you may need to go to start your own mourning process. Another reason to go would be if you know of a family member of the deceased very well. So if your best friend’s parent passed away or a very close coworkers sibling, if it’s something that’s close by and reasonable for you, it would be absolutely appropriate to attend the wake and share your condolences. So hopefully that answers the question of what is a wake.

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