What is direct cremation?

What is a Direct Cremation?

What is a direct cremation? What is a direct burial? In  funeral home jargon, a direct cremation or a direct burial is a cremation or burial that occurs when no other services are rendered. So there’s no embalming, there’s no visitation, there’s no funeral service prior to the burial or cremation taking place. The body is typically put directly into a casket or other burial or cremation container. The burial or cremation takes place very shortly after the death occurs, typically within 24 to 48 hours depending on the circumstances.

Now, having a direct cremation or having a direct burial does not mean that you cannot have a funeral service. Quite frequently, families will have a direct cremation and then have a visitation and funeral service afterwards with just the urn present. Likewise, sometimes people will have a direct burial and then they will have a funeral service at a later date. Neither of these options prevents you from memorializing your loved one or having services. It’s simply a matter of what services are rendered prior to disposition and what services are rendered afterwards. So there you go. That’s what a direct cremation or a direct burial is. 

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