U-Hauls full of bodies- Part 2

So we’re in a situation where funeral homes are trying to serve exponentially more families than they ever have and there’s no place to put the bodies. There’s nothing to do with the bodies because of the backlog and the city is sadly telling families that if funeral homes don’t take their loved one into their custody within 14 days their loved one is going to end up in a mass grave out on Hart Island.

Now I don’t know this funeral director. I’ve never been to this funeral home. But I can pretty much guarantee that those U-hauls were there because they were just trying to help as many families as possible.

I know a lot of people say they should have used refrigerated trucks and I agree, but finding refrigerated trucks in the tri-state area right now for funeral service purposes is practically impossible. Most of them are used for food service and I think it’s entirely reasonable for the owners of those trucks to fear that the health department would tell them those trucks can no longer be used for food after being used for these purposes. So I don’t think this is a case of a funeral director not caring- I think he cared too much.

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