U-Hauls Full of Bodies- Part 1

Okay let’s talk about U-Hauls full of bodies in Brooklyn. and for all of you geography purists in New York when I say New York in this video I mean anything south of Poughkeepsie. Yes, I know that it is a big state with lots of cities.

So if you’ve watched my other videos you know that the death rate in the New York Metro area right now is exponentially higher than what can be accommodated by the number of funeral homes, the number of crematories, and the number of burials that we can accomplish each day. Even once this crisis passes it will probably take more than a month to work through that backlog and get back to normal.

Funeral homes in the tri-state area have been begging for help but they are running out of room. They have turned their chapels, their garages, even their offices into storage for bodies so that they can continue accommodating the families that are calling them because they’re getting sometimes 50 to 100 to 150 phone calls a day from people whose loved ones have passed away and need help.

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