The Death Expert Podcast

The Death Expert Podcast:
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Recommended Podcast for Professionals

For professionals hoping to have a better understanding of death, dying and end of life in their professional work. 



The podcast

A podcast hosted by Indiana funeral directors Brian and Ryan, this podcast covers topics important to those in funeral service, and does so in a way that is appropriate for non-industry folk as well. 

End of Life University

By Karen wyatt MD

Karen Wyatt is a medical doctor who is passionate about improving the end of life experience  for patients. Through End of Life University, Karen educates professionals about steps they can take to help ensure a more peaceful and meaningful end of life.

Ask a Death Doula

the podcast

Ask a Death Doula is a podcast hosted by oncology nurse Suzanne O’Brien. It features discussions about topics related to death, dying, hospice and the death doula movement. 

A Brush with Death

by nfda

A Brush with Death is a new podcast presented by the National Funeral Directors Association. 

Podcasts for non-professionals

For people who wish to learn more about death and dying as it relates to their personal lives. 

Hospice Quinte

Hospice Quinte

changing lives

The Hospice Quinte podcast is helpful for people who are experiencing or preparing to experience hospice and end of life. Episodes are all 5-15 minutes long.

Grief Cast

Grief Cast

stories of grief

British comedienne Carriad LLoyd interviews people about the human experience of grieving and loss. 

A life and death conversation

A Life & Death Conversation

with Dr. Bob Uslander

Dr. Bob Uslander was an ER doctor who gave up that career to focus exclusively on providing a better quality of end of life care to his patients. I highly, highly recommend going back to the beginning and listening to the first dozen or so episodes of this podcast for a profound conversation. 

When I die

When I Die,
Let me Live

by lauren kelly

In this extraordinary podcast, Dr. Lauren Kelly interviews those with terminal illnesses about what they want and need at the end of life,  and how they decide.