The Covid Death Surge in NY- Part 7

For most of us, having a day where we had to deal with ten families, give them bad news and not be able to serve them the way we think we’re supposed to- that would be enough to put us out of commission for a while.

Here in the NY tri-state area, I know of funeral directors who have done that, or double or triple that, all day every day for five or six weeks. And they’ll continue to do it for weeks. And in all that, they’re still finding ways to ….to find meaningful ways for services to do something for families, and to be personal, and to have some shred of meaning when you can’t have a ritual.

So when you hear that horrible stereotype about funeral directors that I’m not going to repeat here, I want you to think about those people who are moving mountains, on fumes, in the name of service.

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