The Covid Death Surge in NY- Part 6

…and they’re doing all of this with- some of them little to no PPE. Professional organizations were literally begging if we could get our hands on even the PPE that failed inspection because anything is better than nothing.

And yet in all of this these professionals were continuing to go to work even though it meant that they were getting sick. Some of them have died. I’m sure their families have gotten sick.

It’s an industry where we pride ourselves on the ritual that we are able to create space for; in the service that we are able to provide to families. Yet now in order to serve families, funeral directors have to tell them that they can’t have that service. They can’t have that ritual. They have to be the heavy that intervenes when a family tries to follow a hearse to the cemetery and gatekeepers tell the family that they can’t come in. It’s completely antithetical to everything that funeral directors hold dear. And yet…

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