The Covid Death Surge in NY- Part 3

So before this whole thing even got started, our crematories were already operating very close to capacity, if not at-capacity. They had not been able to expand and that’s true for both New York City and for the region as well.

Funeral directors will tell you that it’s a very unpredictable business. You never know necessarily when you’re going to be busy, but there are certain times of year when it tends to be busier and it tends to slow down. Early spring tends to be a time that it slows down, and around here most of the funeral directors that I’ve spoken to said that they really haven’t slowed down this year. It’s just been busy since January.

The issue that we ran into in New York was that when the crematories realized that they needed to extend their hours in order to accommodate the number of deaths that we were having, they needed to get permission from the state to do that. They didn’t get permission right away so before this even started we were behind.

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