The Covid Death Surge in New York- Part 5

Needless to say, things were completely bonkers. More people were dying at hospitals, more people were dying at home. Funeral homes, because they couldn’t bury or cremate somebody right away because of this backlog that was building up, were having to store bodies at the funeral home.

They didn’t have room for that and so they were literally turning their chapels, their garages, their offices, into morgue space just so that they wouldn’t have to turn families away. Because no matter what they did, the phone kept ringing. It was never enough.

You know, it used to be that funerals were morning rituals. Now they occur all day every day and it’s not enough. Funeral directors are sleeping at the office for three or four hours and then they’re working for another 14 to 18 hours, and it’s not enough. Its been like this relentlessly for weeks and it will continue like this for weeks.

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