Storytime: The Roomba, Part 1

Storytime: And I really hope that the person that this is about, sees this video and agrees to tell this story on my podcast.

So when a visitation ends at night, it’s not a scenario where the last person leaves the building and then the staff just turn off the lights and go home. There’s actually quite a bit of work that you have to do before you leave to make sure that the building is pristine and ready to go, You have to make sure the chairs are straight, you gotta empty the garbage, you have to vacuum, the whole nine.

At this one particular funeral home, one of the directors decided that he would try to eliminate a step in the process so that he could go home a little bit earlier and you know maybe get an extra 20 minutes of sleep here and there. So instead of vacuuming at the end of the night, this guy simply set his Roomba loose and then he went home. You should probably watch part two!

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