Left With Nothing

Storytime: Left With Nothing

A sad story from a TikTok user:
“Hey everybody. My husband died in February of 2020. I’ve been posting here since he died, trying to help me work through a lot of stuff because i’m so utterly alone. This community has just been wonderful to me.

Yesterday I had a pretty emotional day, and I posted about that and after I had a good boo-hoo I got down to business again and picked up paperwork to go through and all that stuff. And I realized my husband didn’t leave me anything. All of the beneficiaries for all of his life insurance and stuff is going to his kids. So I’ve lost 60 percent of my monthly income and have no insurance proceeds to backfill my finances. Which means I have to sell this house immediately.

I can’t afford it on my own.

I’m sure I’ll get through this, even though I’m upset right now. But dang I really need a break.”

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