Funerals During Covid: Photoboards

When families are in a position where a loved one dies, and they can’t have a funeral, it’s not a matter of them missing out on a 20-minute service. That’s not the important part. The important part is everything that goes into it.

The last couple of days I’ve been really stuck on on being sad for families that are missing out on photo boards. You know they seem like not a big deal, but the truth is that the act of putting those boards together as a family- going through pictures, and sharing with younger members of the family photos they’ve never seen before, telling them stories and family history that they were unaware of, older members of the family being distracted for a few minutes, and sharing the tales of their glory days is a really beautiful part of the grieving process. It makes a big difference to a lot of families.

And i’m really sad that there are families that are missing out on that right now.

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