Legal issues for death and dying

Understanding what you need to do BEFORE a crisis occurs can give you more options when bad things happen.


Is a will all you need? Who do you want to inherit your stuff? Who do you want to empower to make decisions about your estate when you’re gone? Who makes that call now, if you have nothing in writing?

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What kind of care do you wish to receive at end of life, and where do you want to spend that time? Are there any scenarios that may change that? Who do you trust to make medical decisions for you?

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Dying well

Should the same person be entrusted with making your medical and financial decisions when you are dying? What kind of power  do you want them to have? What guidelines do you want them to follow so they can make decisions in line with your wishes?

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Medical Decisions

some Legal Documents you'll need



Who gets your stuff? Who do you want to empower to get rid of your stuff?



Who should get custody of minor children when a death occurs? How have you protected your estate to provide for your children's needs? What directives do you want the guardians to follow?

Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney

Who should be empowered to help you pay your bills and otherwise manage your estate if you become unable? Are there restrictions on this power?

Living Will

Living Will

What kind of care do you wish to receive at end of life? Are there specific boundaries or thresholds which should be observed?

healthcare proxy

Health Care Proxy

Who are the people who should make decisions about whether and what kind of care you receive, when you are unable to make such decisions yourself?

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Agent of Disposition

Who do you want to be responsible for decision-making around your funeral and final disposition? Do you have a budget for them?

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Death Investigation and CSI

Death Investigation and CSI

If law enforcement are involved, please keep in mind that a lot of the technology that you see used in a lot of television and internet programming about death investigation is fictional. It doesn’t exist. Sometimes the cause of death and the person responsible for the death is glaringly apparent when a crime is committed.

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Don't leave your legacy up in the air- take steps now to preserve your assets, and provide a clear direction for those you leave behind.