Financial Concerns for
death and dying

Understanding what you need to do BEFORE a crisis occurs can give you more options when bad things happen.


What will happen to the people who depend on you, when you die? Will you leave them enough to pay for your funeral and medical bills? Will they be able to afford to stay in their current home without your income? Will they know what your final wishes are?

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Estimates are that as much as 85% of an individual’s lifetime healthcare spending occurs in the last six months of life. What kind of care do you wish to receive at end of life? How are you and your family going to pay for it?

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Dying well

Should the same person be entrusted with making your medical and financial decisions when you are dying? What kind of power  do you want them to have? Have you made clear to them your wishes, guiding principals and boundaries? What steps have you taken to ensure your wishes can be achieved?

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Medical Decisions

some Financial items to consider:


Life Insurance

Term or Whole? How much do you need? Can your family afford to pay for the end of life expenses beyond your funeral, like healthcare and associated expenses, and fees?


Funeral PrePlanning

Give your family the luxury of focusing on their grief by planning and funding your funeral and final disposition in advance. Save money by not making emotional decisions.

Power of Attorney

Wealth Planning

Proper estate planning includes methods to build and transfer generational wealth efficiently.

Living Will

Medical Insurance

What kind of coverage do you have? Are you covered for things like long term care, extended home care and hospice?

healthcare proxy

Professional Concerns

Are there employees who depend on you for getting paid? Do you want to enable your partners to buy out your spouse, or enable your spouse to receive income from your business after you pass?

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Agent of Disposition

Who do you want to be responsible for decision-making around your funeral and final disposition? Do you have a budget for them?

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Left With Nothing

Storytime: Left With Nothing

“realized my husband didn’t leave me anything. All of the beneficiaries for all of his life insurance and stuff is going to his kids. So I’ve lost 60 percent of my monthly income and have no insurance proceeds to backfill my finances. Which means I have to sell this house immediately. “

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The Old Divorce

Storytime: The Old Divorce

You and your spouse decide to get divorced. It’s amicable, you create separate households, you separate your finances, the kids are fine. You just never get around to doing the legal part of getting a divorce. What’s the worst that can happen, right?

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A Funeral Director Goes Above and Beyond- Part 4

Not all of us have the luxury of knowing that we’re going to have a need for things like funeral arrangements and legal documents and financial arrangements. By making them in advance, things are there when you need them, so that when a death unexpectedly occurs, as it did in this scenario, you’re protected.

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Don't leave your legacy up in the air- take steps now to preserve your assets, and provide a clear direction for those you leave behind.