Does Racism Continue at Death?

If you’ve watched my other videos, then you know that in the cities that have been hardest hit by the covid pandemic, that funeral homes are overwhelmed because they don’t have the staff and they don’t have the physical facilities to care for the volume of families that they need to because the backlog for burials and cremations is so long.

I’ve just read a very sad story from a funeral director in Chicago who said that white families are being given two weeks to contract with a funeral home to care for their loved one, whereas black families are being given a matter of hours.

And, if the funeral home does not respond to the hospital immediately to take that person into their care, that hospital staff are telling families that that funeral home is not taking positive cases, that they’re not open for business, and then is proactively telling other families the same thing. So does racism continue even through death?

You tell me.

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