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Death Investigation and CSI

Death Investigation and CSI

If law enforcement are involved, please keep in mind that a lot of the technology that you see used in a lot of television and internet programming about death investigation is fictional. It doesn’t exist. Sometimes the cause of death and the person responsible for the death is glaringly apparent when a crime is committed.

Left With Nothing

Storytime: Left With Nothing

“realized my husband didn’t leave me anything. All of the beneficiaries for all of his life insurance and stuff is going to his kids. So I’ve lost 60 percent of my monthly income and have no insurance proceeds to backfill my finances. Which means I have to sell this house immediately. “


Talking about death over dinner

Talking about death isn’t easy. Some people just can’t do it because fear, superstition, manners or something else gets in the way. While it’s easier to avoid awkward and potentially painful conversations in the short term, the long term consequences can be devastating, especially if a death occurs unexpectedly. That’s where your coach steps in. …

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