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My Story

I was born into the family business- we lived above the family funeral home for years. I grew up watching my dad and his team- many of whom were like extended family- take care of one devastated family after another, day after day, with dignity and compassion. After a lifetime of that, I loudly and repeatedly told the world once I was 18 that there was no way I was going to be a funeral director. 

Off to journalism school I went. I loved being a local journalist- digging deep into the records and holding power to account was my jam. I even won a few awards. However, the industry was falling apart, and I was still in my early 20’s when I realized I had hit a career ceiling. So back to school I went, this time to learn the family undertaking. I became the 11th member and 3rd generation of my family to graduate from the Simmons Institute of Funeral Service in Syracuse, NY

I loved being a funeral director, even though my father had retired and sold the business many years earlier. I worked for small family funeral homes, the world’s largest funeral chain, and a few others in between. 

 The hours were long and the work was hard, but funeral directing was rewarding in ways nothing else I’ve done is. Being able to become a small part of a family for a few days, guiding them through their darkest times, was an honor like none other. 

But it was also an incredibly frustrating job. There were common planning pitfalls, like dying without a will, or exhausting assets without setting aside money for final expenses. Situations like this took a terrible time and made it excruciating as families struggled to find ways to locate important documents or come up with money for expenses. Sadly, this stress is often the cause of rifts in surviving family members. And it’s why I’ve become so passionate about helping families document their wishes before a crisis occurs. 

Michelle Carter- The Death Expert
Michelle Carter- The Death Expert


Mourning is incredibly difficult and exhausting work. Allowing your loved ones the space and protection to focus on their grief, without the complications, is one of the greatest gifts you can give to your family. 

It just takes a few hours to protect your family for the inevitable. Your plan for this will color your legacy in the hearts of those who matter most.

Testimonials & Reviews

“As someone who always second guesses myself in areas where I have no experience, having Michelle handle this tough situation as our representative saved us literally thousands of dollars and her value significantly exceeded her cost.”


Cortlandt Manor, NY

“Michelle gave me the ultimate gift- she helped me to present at a time when all I wanted was to run away. She handled so much of the background noise so our family could be together without worrying about everything else that was going on. I’ll never forget it.”


Katonah, NY

“I didn’t know the first thing about planning a funeral out of state. Michelle answered all our questions, did some research of her own and put us in touch with a funeral director who treated our family well and charged us fairly. She was great.”


Cortlandt Manor, NY

What Can I Do for You?

Everyone’s wishes are unique. Find the content that’s right for you. 

Michelle Carter a public speaker on topics related to death, dying, end of life and planning.

Here’s a little secret: lots of people are secretly very interested in death, dying and end of life, they’re just afraid to admit it out loud. From a 20 minute keynote to conferences and workshops, presentations are always interesting, memorable and impactful. 

Michelle Carter can help your family talk about hard things. 

From sharing the details of plans you’ve made with family members, to having team meetings to come up with a plan for care, she’ll help facilitate the tough conversations, keep them on track when tangents arise, and help answer the questions which come up. 

Michelle Carter is an  End of Life Concierge

Death doula, soul sitter, end of life coach, whatever you want to call it. Whether you need referrals to professionals, someone to coordinate help from neighbors and extended family, or someone to sit vigil with you, it will be done. 

Need Advice?

Michelle is always available. Drop a line any time.