A Funeral Director Goes Above and Beyond- Part 3

So now this funeral director is in this place where he’s horribly backed up, but he’s got to find some way to do something for this man, to give him an opportunity to say goodbye to his only family member, who he can’t even believe is gone because he hasn’t seen him in weeks.

So through some miracle that I don’t even understand, this funeral director managed to arrange a burial very quickly. And on the morning that the burial was to take place, instead of going directly to the cemetery- because he had like a dozen other burials that day too- he went to the nursing home. And he pulled up around back, behind the glass doors at the end of the hallway in this gentleman’s wing. He took out the casket and set it up right outside the glass doors with a crucifix, with flowers, the whole nine, so that this gentleman would have an opportunity to say goodbye to his son, in the middle of all this.

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