A Funeral Director Goes Above and Beyond- Part 2

So fast forward to about two weeks ago. The older gentleman calls the funeral home looking to speak to this funeral director. Which- by the way- all by itself is a challenge because I don’t know if you’ve heard, but here in New York, funeral directors are completely overwhelmed right now. There are funeral homes that would do two funerals on a busy day and now they’re doing 30 or 40. It’s insane and that’s another video.

Anyway this guy calls the funeral home. The staff work, they get the funeral director and the older gentleman on the phone at the same time. The funeral director thinks that this guy is just calling to check on his pre-arrangements, make sure that the money is still there. That’s a pretty normal thing to have happen.

Instead this guy says that his son, his caretaker, his only family left in the world, has died from coronavirus. He hasn’t seen his son in weeks thanks to the isolation that’s in place, and he’s beside himself he doesn’t know what to do. And you will not believe the lengths that this funeral director went to, to care for this man.

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