A funeral director goes above and beyond- Part 1

Gather ’round kids, it’s story time. So a while ago, this older gentleman and his son come into the funeral home to make pre-arrangements. Pre-arrangements are when you plan your funeral in advance. In New York, people frequently pay for their funeral in advance too, because the law here says that your price is locked in the day that you sign that contract. Meaning no matter how long you live, you are going to pay- well your family- is going to pay today’s prices. But that’s another video.

So this gentleman and his son come in and this gentleman is not happy. He is not happy to be talking about his death and his funeral, he’s not happy to be in a situation where he is selling his home in order to go into a nursing home.

His son sat him down and said, ‘I need you to cut the crap, Dad. Because I’m going to spend every single penny that I have keeping you alive. And when it comes time for your funeral, there’s not going to be any money for that. So if we don’t put the money aside now, you’re going to be in potter’s field.’

Needless to say, we finished the arrangements, but you’re not going to believe what happened.

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